Ellen Adarna: Healthy lifestyle is beauty booster

ELLEN Adarna

“I’m crazy, fun, carefree, trustworthy, very understanding and straightforward. Most importantly, I don’t judge people. It’s not my thing,” says Ellen Adarna. Adarna, a model turned actress of Chinese and Spanish descent, has carved her way into the entertainment industry.

Coming out in Jollibee and PH commercials as well as Candy magazine in the past, Ellen’s typical girl-next-door image changed when FHM named her No. 7 in a list of the sexiest women in the world in 2012. Ellen has kept the men in Manila buzzing and the women envious because of the photos she posts on Instagram where she reveals the progress of her bikini-perfect body.

Blessed with the beauty gene and a very outgoing personality, Ellen admits she needs a lot of discipline, hard work and a very intense workout program to keep her body looking lean, toned and perfect!

Full name: Ellen Meriam Go Adarna

Occupation: Actress

A lot of people have followed the progression of your perfect figure. What did you do to achieve such a beautiful body?

Burt’s Bees lippies

I’m a very active person. I was a gymnast for six years. Currently I do gymnastics in Club Gymnastica, plyometrics,  weight and strength training, boxing, Muay Thai and a lot of jump rope (anywhere and everywhere)… And on my really free days I work out twice a day.

With such an insane workout regimen, what kind of diet do you have?

I eat healthy and clean 90 percent of the time which means no processed foods. I’ve been juicing every day for the past nine months. I drink at least three glasses of veggie and fruit-veggie juice daily. I actually stopped taking multivitamins as the juices are my vitamin source. (I haven’t been sick for the past nine months.)

Do you ever tan and go under the sun?

I never tan. I just turn into a tomato! Although I do want to change my skin tone, I use self/sunless tanners. Banana Boat Airbrush Self Tanner usually works for me.

Benefit cream eye shadow

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Drink a lot of water, get enough rest and exercise.

What beauty products can we find in your makeup kit?

MAC eyebrow pencil (Fling), Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm, RCMA foundation (I use it as concealer), Cat Chu Wink cheek tint, Shu Uemura eyelash curler

What are the top three makeup products you can’t live without?

I only have two. I can’t live without an eyebrow pencil and lip balm.

What was your latest makeup purchase?

Benefit Cream Eye Shadow

What’s your makeup style?

The only time you’ll see me made up is when I have work or an event that requires me to dress up. On normal days, it’s just my eyebrows that are done.

MAC eyebrow pencil

How do you rejuvenate your skin after a long day of shooting with a lot of makeup?

L’Oreal waterproof makeup remover, been using it for years.

As for cleansing, I just use whatever soap is available at home—Dove bar soap.

What’s the secret to having nice, beautiful skin?

A healthy lifestyle.


Detroit council nixes plans for option finance deal; $350-million loan goes ahead of bankruptcy judge

Following private negotiations all week with a mystery investment firm, the Detroit City Council decided nowadays not to put forth an alternative deal to a $350-million loan to the city from Barclays that the council rejected earlier this week.

City Council President Saunteel Jenkins said an improved loan inside the city’s very best interest could not be hammered out just before Monday’s deadline, which was set determined by provisions in the state’s emergency manager law.

Jenkins mentioned the law was deliberately drafted to decrease the council’s chances of locating a better deal. When the emergency manager proposes loans like the Barclays proposal, the law offers the council up to 17 days to think about the deal and propose an option.

The law “was meant to give the appearance of decision and democracy,” Jenkins stated soon after today’s meeting. “But the reality is, for a deal like this, professionals couldn’t craft a deal like this in 17 days. So, definitely individuals who don’t do this variety of point each day couldn’t do it.”

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes, who is handling the city’s bankruptcy filing, in the end will choose whether to approve the $350-million loan, which emergency manager Kevyn Orr proposed earlier this month.

Barclays, the international bank, has agreed to lend Detroit $350 million to settle a disastrous swaps deal brokered by former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick involving UBS and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The interest-rate swaps deal aimed to lock in prices on a $1.44-billion loan taken out in 2005 to shore up the city’s two pension funds.

But rates fell lower than the deal anticipated, leaving Detroit hundreds of millions of dollars a lot more in debt. The city had secured the debt using casino tax revenues. Some say the Kilpatrick-era deal contributed towards the city’s choice to file for bankruptcy protection in July.

Jenkins and also other council members have characterized terms in the Barclays loan as also risky. She mentioned there had been no guarantees on how a few of the money could be spent. She questioned whether it could be utilized to spend for more restructuring consultants.

The council voted to reject the Barclays deal on Monday. An investment firm, which Jenkins wouldn’t name, then approached the council to supply an option plan. Had the council reached an agreement, a state board would have picked one particular from the two bargains.

“It’s unfortunate that City Counci decided to once again say no to a vital restructuring component for the city with no bothering to propose a viable program,” Orr spokesman Bill Nowling stated.

Nowling stated the EM’s workplace reached out to about 50 monetary institutions, of which 20 were interested. Of those, 17 submitted proposals, and Barclays was a single of four to send letters of commitment.

Jenkins stated the firm, at one point in the negotiations, was asking for art from the Detroit Institute of Arts as collateral. Jenkins mentioned there won’t be any additional talks about an option to the Barclays deal and she expressed optimism that Rhodes would cautiously scrutinize the proposal.

A resolution explaining the council’s objections for the deal was passed unanimously nowadays and can be sent to Rhodes.


The Economics Nobel Goes To Free Market Finance And Speculation

This is quite lovely: the Nobel in economics goes to those who are very much of a free market persuasion in their study of financial markets. Indeed, one of them is pretty much the inventor of the efficient markets hypothesis and another has (correctly in my view) argued that the housing crash came not from too much speculation but from too little. We could (and I will, with glee) regard this as one in the eye for those who insist that financial markets are broken, must be regulated out of existence and even those, over on my side of the Pond, who insist that they should be banned or nationalised.


Morgan Stanley Views Gold Lacking in 2014 since Goldman Says Market

Gold will extend deficits in to 2014 amongst anticipations the Federal Book will certainly pare obama’s stimulus as the U.S. recovers, based on Morgan Stanley, contributing to pessimistic phone calls coming from Goldman Sachs Party Inc. as well as Credit Suisse Team AG.

“We recommend keeping away from gold at this point in the routine,” Melbourne-based analyzer Fergie Crane mentioned inside a video clip statement received nowadays. Bullion may typical $1,313 an oz . within 2014, down in the $1,420 forecast with this yr, Morgan Stanley stated in its every 3 months precious metals directory March. Several.

Bullion will be heading for the actual 6th every week loss in 7 and also purchase assets are usually downsizing even while U.S. lawmakers disagree on the debt ceiling and budget, trying to avoid the default and finish any authorities shut down. Gold is really a “slam dunk” sell for next season since the U.S. may prolong the particular recovery after institutions the first resolve the actual stalemate, Jeffrey Currie, Goldman’s mind associated with goods investigation, mentioned immediately. The actual politics deadlock inside California can be a “farce,” in accordance with Marex Spectron Team.

“Our forecast account proceeding into next year is comparatively flat towards the expectations of growing genuine interest levels and the U.S. money,” Motorised hoist mentioned inside the video. Gold bullion may common reduced each year by means of 2018, Morgan Stanley predictions.

Bullion, which has averaged $1,453 within The year 2013, will be at risk of the first annual decrease in Thirteen many years after shedding Twenty-two percent. The cost tumbled to a 34-month low regarding $1,A hundred and eighty.50 inside Summer on anticipation how the Given would certainly taper the $85-billion-a-month of bond getting. Gold traded tiny transformed at $1,304.02 from A dozen:Eleven g.m. in Singapore right after two days associated with loss.


SBI, Dena Bank cut lending rate on car loans

State Bank of India (SBI), IDBI Bank Ltd and Dena Bank reduced their lending rates on auto loans on Wednesday, following directions from the government that state-run banks should make credit available to consumers at cheaper rates during the festive season.
SBI on Wednesday cut its interest rates on car loans from 10.75% to 10.55%. The bank also cut the processing charge on such loans from 0.51% of the loan amount (with a minimum of Rs.1,020) to a flat rate of Rs.500, it said in a release.
The country’s largest bank also launched a special festival loan for its salary package account holders for purchasing consumer durables and two wheelers. Under this, the bank will offer slightly discounted interest rates starting from 12.05% per annum.
In an email statement, IDBI Bank Ltd, another government-controlled lender, said it has reduced the lending rate on auto loans from 10.5% to 10.25% with immediate effect. IDBI has also waived its processing fee for home and auto loans.
State-run Dena Bank too reduced the interest rate on car loans and consumer loans. The bank has cut lending rate on car loans from 12% to 11% with immediate effect, while rate on consumer loans was reduced from 13% to 12% for those who have salary accounts with the bank, the release said.
On Tuesday, Punjab National Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce announced rate cuts or waived the processing fee on some loans as part of their festival offers.
On 3 October, the finance ministry said in a statement that the government will infuse extra capital in state-owned banks to help them lend to consumers at lower rates in select sectors such as two-wheelers and consumer durables to stimulate demand.
More state-run banks are likely to announce a similar reduction in their lending rates.

(Source: ijailbreak.com)


Major U.S. share market segments were falling for your 4th in time five days

SenateMajorityInnovatorJohn Reid claimshe willforcefor anyinvoiceto increasethe actualgovernment’sasking forlimitsimply byno less than $1 mil. The governmentwill beon coursetobreachits $16.6milpersonal debtrestrictioninOct18. Reid’s propositiongivesgovernment entitieswith plentyapplying forplaceto payitscostsby way offollowingseasonsLatebasic elections.

"If [Reid’s bill]
receivesoff the ground, itconcludesthe specter ofa newpersonal debtgo into defaultfor thatquicklong term,In .saidChris Cardillo, chiefindustry economist from Rockwell GlobalCapitalinManhattan, in ae-mailedreviewregarding Senate’s estimatedtransfer. “We believerevenuefeelingcontinues to befairly neutralas thepoliticsimpasseoverrulesin the meantime. However, that’s notto expressparticular personbusinesseswon’t bepunished,theyextra.

Tower systemGroupInternational (TWGP) has beenfalling36.3% for you to $4.74, its steepest slidesinceit’s2008communitymarketplacedebut, as soon as the Bermuda-based insurerdeclared thatit hasto educate yourself regarding “a range ofproper options” after agoodwillproblemspower overabout $215 trillionand itsdiscoveryit willmustinclude $365 trillionto itslossstocksexhibitingaffiliate payoutsowedpertaining toworkers compensationamidquite a fewsome otherdebts.

Inc. (JMBA_) had beensinking20.63% for you to $10.Ninety-fiveafter thesmoothyproducerdeclaredmuch lessimpactfulthan normalmarketing and advertisingactivitiesamonga newdeclinewithinclientinvestingmaydecrease third-quarter same-store incomeby simply 3% to 4% whichThe year 2013 same-store incomemayarriveflatto be able toupwards 1%.

Xerox (XRX_)
had beengiving up3.96% to be able to $10.30following theoffice equipmentbusinessunveiledit isstaying probed from theRegistrationaboutparticularsalesmethodsatAssociatedLaptop or computerCompanies, an enterpriseitboughtthroughoutJanuary2010and is alsocurrentlypart of Xerox’s Servicesdevice.

The ideamanagementorganization SolarWinds (SWI_) wasdropping2.21% to be able to $33.70followingpraoclaiming thatit is going toacquireprivately held Confio Softwarepertaining to $103 thousandinmoney.